About Us

The challenge we face:

The Upper Charles River Valley has seen rapid population growth and accompanying development over the last several decades. Many hundreds of acres in the watershed have been compromised, and we are now witnessing the negative effect on water quality and quantity as well as biodiversity.

Open areas—the legacy of the land—are disappearing. We residents can measure that change in many ways: the loss of open spaces where we once walked, the degradation of our ponds, and our growing concerns about our finite water supply.

Our shared mission:

The preservation of open space is a known mitigation approach for developmental pressure.  We are a group of citizens from communities within the Upper Charles River Valley, and our objective is to preserve the natural resources of the region and to provide recreational opportunities to the public. We are a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) publicly supported charity, so all donations are fully tax deductible.

Our track record:

First established in 1992, we have purchased or received as donations over 300 acres in towns within the Upper Charles River Valley. These lands include: a marshland, areas fronting on ponds, woodlands, uplands and wetlands, scenic overlooks, and working farmlands. Where feasible, we are linking together properties to form networks of trails to be enjoyed by hikers and nature lovers.  We began work on the Upper Charles Trail (Milford, Holliston, and Sherborn) in 1996 and that path is still being developed by local citizens.  In addition, we have helped citizens in the towns of Holliston, Hopkinton, Medway, and Millis to pass the Community Preservation Act (CPA).  In turn, the passage of the CPA has led to the preservation of hundreds of acres of land in those towns.  For more detail on our history, please click here


Jen Luethy – Executive Director, Dover

Steve Violin – President, Sherborn

Paul Atwood  – Treasurer, Medway

Ann Marie Pilch – Clerk, Holliston

Sara Molyneaux – Member, Dover

Tara Nolan – Member, Dover

Matt Zettek – Member, Hopkinton

Christian Donner – Member, Medfield

Mike Francis – Member, Medway

Scott McPhee – Member, Millis

Matt Gardner  – Member, Natick

Kathy Rehl  – Member, Natick